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Why I write?

By: Alex Leyberman

I write to give “The FAN” a stronger voice. I am a sports fan, probably much like you. I bleed for my team, but I put virtual ink to virtual paper to initiate discussion, make you laugh and maybe even think.

I have questions, I have concerns and I want to help build a strong sports community that takes care of its brethren. In the thoughts, pages and articles that follow I will vent some of my frustrations and hope they strike a resonating chord. I often feel like sports fans are hopeless romantics at heart. They are constantly getting the worst of it and keep coming back for more.

The definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.” Paying outrageous fees for ticket prices and merchandising; placing sports bets with massively negative expectations; bankrolling the cost of stadiums while owners pay little or nothing. But, what if we become more educated fans and vote with our wallets?

American culture is notorious for creating and then enabling over-paying consumers. When was the last time you paid $4 for coffee? Probably yesterday. Stephon Marbury made a shoe that cost $9.98 and was produced in the same factory as Jordan’s. Tests found Marbury’s shoe and Jordan’s to be very similar. Stephon wanted to provide an affordable alternative sportswear for the future generation. Yet Marbury’s shoe is nowhere near as popular as his competitors.

One thing I constantly see living in Las Vegas and playing poker is lines of patrons at the sportsbook. It amazes me how many people are “professional sports bettors.” I often find myself asking the same question. Do these people really think they have an edge over Vegas’s computer analytics? Unless you have as massive a database of statistics you are a decisive underdog when placing a sports bet. The other side of the sports betting equation is understanding the odds being offered and most people don’t.

I used to operate an MMA handicapping site, and at some point, will offer a “basics to sports betting” primer on this blog. In my opinion combat sports are where the sportsbooks still make big mistakes. Other sports are much tougher to beat and require astute observation. If you’re good boys and girls I may even do a few UFC or boxing breakdowns. Until then put that $50 towards something more useful.

Please consider the final reason I write for The FAN: Without fans, there are no sports. Will that always be the case? We buy the tickets, the beers and merchandise with our hard-earned money. Let’s become more educated consumers, no longer treated like a voiceless commodity. We the people have the power. Let’s venture down this road together and see where it leads.

Welcome to “The Deep End.”

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