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By Paul Robinson

(excerpts of an email from a season ticket holder and member of The FAN to his team)

I am really not interested in rushing back to baseball after what our City has been through. It saddens me being here in town, seeing everything closed up and even the sidewalks around the ballpark look dirty. Worse yet, many of the restaurants around the ball park have left or gone out of business—and this is BEFORE the virus pandemic hit. For me, the Giants is a result of the Giants being TOO SUCCESSFUL—rents are so high that people can’t afford to operate businesses here. To me that’s a bummer, because as important as the Giants are so is the rest of this neighborhood. This is not just a place I go to see the Giants, this is MY NEIGHBORHOOD—where I live (albeit half time). I care about the Giants—but I also care about the marina, 3rd Street Bridge, The Java House, and a lot of places near the ballpark.

I’m really not interested is some half-baked season here or worse yet some contrived season in Arizona. My attitude is let’s get beyond this pandemic to where people are dying and getting sick FIRST, and take care of baseball second.

I also wish that MLB would take fan's thoughts and feelings more seriously. I am not pleased with the direction MLB is taking and some of the decisions they have made the past few years. It is really turning me off—and that’s saying something, because it’s hard to find a bigger more loyal fan than me. Certainly aligning themselves with the gaming industry (to me this is criminal—or should be for MLB to do), introducing and encouraging technology in such a way that it paves the way to damaging the integrity of the game (World Series cheating fiasco is MLB’s fault as much if not more than the Astros, Red Sox, and other offending teams), allowing MLB to buy Rawlings and tampering with the ball—not to mention Fanatics taking over the Dugout Store and MLB buying controlling interest in StubHub—just to name a few. In my opinion, MLB has just gotten too big for its britches. The Warriors are dangerously close to going down the same path as the 49ers—and that’s bad news for everybody.

Notice I haven’t even mentioned the price of tickets. Opening Day last year was $283/seat. Obviously, you are not in control of all or any of these grievances. But at some point MLB needs to get a clue and start listening to us fans and not treat us like a bottomless pit.

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