EP 3 - Rise From The Ashes with TC Martin

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RISE OF THE FAN- Rise From The Ashes

Thu, 3/18 7:44PM • 1:01:24


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TC Martin, Brett Lawson, Aaron Phillips

Aaron Phillips 02:06

Good morning everybody welcome to a brand new edition Rise of the fan brought to you by the fan action nation. We thank you for tuning in today and making us part of your Saturday I'm Aaron Phillips the Hall of Famer crossing me sitting in the same type of uniform that I'm wearing as Brett someday I'll be a Hall of Famer my own mind Lawson. Good morning.

Brett Lawson 02:24

We can only hope and Good morning. How are you? I'm great Third time's a charm.

Aaron Phillips 02:27

Hey, everything happens in threes.

Brett Lawson 02:29

Right It's

Aaron Phillips 02:29

a good thing. Here we are. Here we are episode number three of Rise of the fan what is the show about it's about giving you and me and everybody that's a sports fan a platform for an opportunity to voice your concerns that you may have about sports in general not on the field stuff although we may believe that in just a little bit talk about how it coach are idiots every Monday. But no, this is about the things that affect us as sports fans that nobody really gives a darn about until now joining us here at the table for today's show is a gentleman who is no stranger to microphones. no stranger to sports talk. As a matter of fact, he could probably teach you and I are few things are three. Definitely. Mr. TC Martin joins us today. Good morning.

TC Martin 03:05

Hey guys. Great to be here with you guys. Thank

Aaron Phillips 03:06

you for joining us. Fantastic. It's so cool to have this. I mean, this is a seasoned professional guy.

Brett Lawson 03:11

We are now legit. We are we are solidify absolutely so in our own minds and trials. Right?

Aaron Phillips 03:16

You see him right there on the screen. He's got his own show, which we'll talk about for many, many, many long time actually, he's the innovator of Sports Talk, many believe, giving us the opportunity to do what we do and many others in the sports talk world talking on the radio about what we love. Absolutely. In the first two weeks, we've

Brett Lawson 03:31

talked so much about how important it is to have that representation and to have that active voice for all of fandom through the media. And you know, when you start a project like this, it's a little hard to get traction with some of those guys those personalities with those radio and TV networks with those big digital outlets. But now having a voice and having a face like TC Martin joining us today that's gonna be monumental. So thank you TC

TC Martin 03:51

I appreciate it guys. Great to be here

Aaron Phillips 03:53

you have your first official welcome from a dear friend of ours Lisa masse Gary he she's one of our sponsors here at hand and this is what we call a plug hand in stone facial spa. We have some gift cards from her which will give will give at least one away today. But she says hello in the chat room. 702-329-6947 is our phone number press the number one to come direct into the studio if you're outside the United States, of course. 1-855-502-4321. And there you see the numbers. right he doesn't even bring them up next to me anymore. There we go right down to Oh, see right there.

TC Martin 04:21

I'm getting better at this.

Aaron Phillips 04:22

It's like the weather guy

TC Martin 04:23

feel like I'm doing a telephone

Brett Lawson 04:25

here. It's Right, exactly.

Aaron Phillips 04:25

Let's go to the job. Give me There you go. 8555. Now more importantly or just as important while we're talking here at the go visit Join the fan comm check what we're all about. We're going to talk about but more importantly, we need you to join we want you to join a revolution and be part of the voice we are rising as fandom right?

Brett Lawson 04:43

Absolutely. This podcast is a huge part of it. But this this what we have here are the beginning steps, the early phases. We can't get to where we want to be without your involvement without your membership. We like to think of this as a hub as a platform without your voices. This is null and void. We need you to get involved in this fight in this revolution so we could accomplish what we want. Because without that active role by everyone who calls themselves a fan, we're going to fall short.

Aaron Phillips 05:08

Absolutely, absolutely. By the way, I have another challenge for anybody out there. The first show that we did a couple of weeks ago, we had actually had a couple of members join while we were on the air. That was terrific. And courtesy of hand in stone, conveniently located 1150 Silverado ranch at the corner of Silverado ranch Boulevard and Maryland had been there a few 100 times great massage. I was there this past Tuesday, by the way. I did want to get off the table. Yeah, hot stone,