Golden Knights Selling Out Playoff Merchandise, With Fleury, Lehner Merch Sales Going Strong

By Alan Snel of

The Vegas Golden Knights closed out their first round series with the pesky Chicago Blackhawks Tuesday evening with a 4-3 win thanks to a third period goal by forward Alex Tuch. The Knights win the series, four games to one.

The Knights’ new starting goalie, Robin Lehner, won three of the four games, while fan favorite Marc-Andre Fleury won Game 3 at the NHL Western Conference Bubble in the Pandemic Playoffs host city of Edmonton.

The Golden Knights’ postseason success translates into increased revenues in merchandise sales. caught up with VGK Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth for our “5 Questions” feature.

Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Brian Killingsworth

LVSportsBiz:  Has merchandise sales increased because of the VGK presence in the postseason?

Brian Killingsworth:  Absolutely. Getting hockey back and seeing the Golden Knights make another Stanley Cup run is exactly what the fans and this town needed. They are excited we are back playing hockey and the Arsenal has been packed ever since we returned to play.

LVSB:  The Marc-Andre Fleury jersey is popular and how are Rob Lehner jersey sales going in the playoffs?

BK: Golden Knights fans are supporting both goalies, as we have created custom “Panda” and “Flower” merchandise that includes tees, caps, pucks, and pins.

LVSB: What is the most popular sales item for VGK fans during the postseason?

BK: I would have to say the custom “Panda” and “Flower” merch mentioned above and of course anything with 2020 Playoffs on it. We have two styles of caps, flexfit and adjustable, and a new shipment of Playoff t- shirts arriving tomorrow so the fans are definitely getting the new Playoff merch. We have new Playoff items coming in for each round.

LVSB: With the paused season and unusual Bubble Playoffs, will the VGK be selling Division Champ and any potential conference or Stanley Cup winner merch?

BK: We have been selling out of the Playoff merchandise. We will have Western Conference Champs, 2020 Playoffs and will have other merch ready to sell once we continue to advance.

LVSB:  How does the playoff merchandise sales this year compare to last year?

BK: It is steadily increasing. For what our city has gone through with the shut downs and cancellations of events which has led to furloughs and loss of jobs, we have been overwhelmed by the support and sales we have gotten. This city loves their “Vegas Born” team and the team is playing for them.

Here are two fans buying items.

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