Another Step To Allow College Players To Be Compensated As Paid Sponsors

By Dan Lust for

NCAA student-athlete compensation moves one step closer to reality.

Colleges are now finalizing their recommended rule changes before they are presented to the NCAA Board of Governors, which meets Monday and Tuesday of next week. If adopted, this would clear the way for athletes to earn money from their names, images and likeness.

Here are some highlights from the current proposal:

– Athletes would be allowed to enter into agreements with individuals deemed to be school boosters;

– Athletes would be allowed to sign autographs for money, sell their memorabilia, and be paid for personal appearances and work as sports instructors;

– The NCAA would require athletes to disclose the terms of their contracts along with relationships with any individuals involved; and,

– The NCAA would create a mechanism to evaluate potential deals for fair market value and spot possible corruption

A world where “Trevor Lawrence could have his own passing academy” is possible by 2021, i.e., two years earlier than the 2023 time frame envisioned by California’s landmark Fair Pay to Play.

Naturally, if this passes, it obviates the need for additional legislation on the state and federal level.

College sports would never be the same again.

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