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The FAN is a low-cost membership community, for the 21st century sports fan. Whether the issue is stadium security, youth sports safety, unreasonable ticket prices and online resale fees, relocation of teams and taxpayer funding new arenas, THE FAN WILL REPRESENT YOU!!!


HELP US grow and expand from a strong sports lobby to offer great interactive benefits to our members:  rewards and discounts through our sports retail and service partners, sports contests to excite all fans; a marketplace for member tickets, goods and services, and much more!


THE FIRST 10,000 CITIZENS TO JOIN The FAN revolution receive reduced membership fees,
increased voting power, and great discounts in The FAN Store.


“GENERALS” play a pivotal role in the success of our movement.  Rush to be one of the FIRST 300 to join The FAN as a “General” and you and your sports-loving guest secure invitations to our FANCON 2021, in Las Vegas, with increased voting power and benefits early in The FAN Revolution.

Special Deal "Fit For A General"


                                                                              YOU            GUEST

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP                   $59.99          FREE

AWARDS DINNER / AUCTION        $89.99         $49.99

3 TOURNAMENT TICKETS              $150.00      $150.00


TOTAL PACKAGE                               $299.98      $199.99     


FAN Swag Bag


FAN T-Shirt

FAN Golf Balls

FAN Auction Flag

See full FANCON 2021 Details here



Members who sign up as Generals interested in securing exclusive FANCON 2021 attendance should contact the Founder, Andy Kopel at NOW!!!

The FAN is a grass-roots, member funded movement.


To thrive is a multi-million dollar sports industry, The FAN must be free from corporate control.

Be one of the first 10,000 faithful and visionary! Join The FAN now, and lock in your citizenship.


Secure your passport to The Nation today!

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