Frequently Asked Questions

Is FANCON 2021, held from January 18 - 21, 2021, in Las Vegas, open to all members of the FAN?

No. FANCON 2021, unlike each future FANCON, is by invitation only, and open to FAN Founders, Generals, and partners. Enlist as one of our first 200 Generals leading The FAN Revolution and join us in Vegas this January.

Is The FAN a non-profit, or not-for-profit organization?

Neither. The FAN is a for-profit Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.), with affiliated
non-profit political and charitable action arms.

How will The FAN protect my private data?

View the FAN Privacy Policy here

What can I do for The FAN?

The FAN is a grassroots membership nation. If you're interested in the issues that affect sports consumers, and more than player stats and who wins or loses a game, JOIN THE FAN! We only will thrive with your membership. Participate in our surveys and contests, engage on our social media platforms, and recruit a fellow sports fan,

Why should I become a member of The FAN?

Two facts remain INDISPUTABLE: (1) organized political, economic and legal action has produced huge benefits for players, the owners, and corporations; and (2) the “third estate” of sports, THE FANS remain unrepresented in a multi-trillion dollar industry.

“The FAN” will be the “FACE AND VOICE” of sports fans everywhere, young and old,
male and female. Couch potatoes upset with cable packages; season ticket holders
with huge personal license fees; Football, Soccer, Lacrosse & Cheer Moms Worried about their kids and concussions. “The FAN” will emerge as a “special interest group”
and advocate to leagues, teams, players, the courts and government agencies on behalf of YOU!
Click here to become a member!

What is The FAN Action Nation, known as the “The FAN?

“The FAN is the first membership community founded to represent and empower sports fans through political, economic and charitable action. The FAN is made up of sports fans like you, wanting a face and voice in a world dominated by owners, players and the media.

How do I learn more about becoming a FAN General?

Easy! If you are a current, recent or former pro or college sports Season Ticket Holder, contact the founder of The FAN by email: Let’s explore how your sports interests and our movement go hand-in-hand.

General's Guest- How do I Add a Guest Member

First & foremost you need to sign up at the "General" membership level or higher to take advantage of the $1 guest promotion (limited time promo). Once you have filled out your Profile you will receive an invitation with an access code to add your guest. Follow the below instuctions step by step to sign up your guest for $1. Step #1 Go to the sign up page under Create An Account and fill out info. DO NOT SIGN INTO YOUR ACCOUNT. Here's the link Step #2 You or the Guest Fill out the Profile by clicking on the "Edit Buttons" Click "continue" and fill out the Addtional questions. When finished click "continue" again Step #3- Add the Private Access Code in the blue box that was sent to you in the "Welcome General" email when you signed up. Click submit. (Didn't get the access code? Email support at Step #4 - Scroll to the botton of the page and select the "Generals Guest" Membership Level for $1. Click "Continue" Step #5 - Make Payment- Via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Click "continue" Thats it! Once the payment is processed your "Guest" is a General with all the benefits just like you! Your in...see you inside!