The Fan Gives Back



The FAN Gives Back is an initiative with a general mission to provide for the advancement, empowerment, and financial benefit of local and national youth and/or sports-centric nonprofits.  The FAN will conduct its own charitable events, as well as dedicate a percentage of annual net revenues to nonprofits recognized by The FAN for exemplary, often unrecognized contributions. 


Using a survey nomination and selection process aimed at maximizing FAN participation through membership e-polling, The FAN Gives Back will announce its first year’s recipients and present checks at the FANNY Awards during FANCON 2021, at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, January 19, 2021.  At each subsequent FANCON, charitable proceeds for the prior year shall be awarded via Board nomination and membership e-polling results.  To date, The FAN’s targeted nonprofits include:








The Morlon Greenwood Foundation is Las Vegas-born, focusing on at-risk and underprivileged youth.  With a mission to “raise-up youth to become successful and socially responsible citizens while respecting diversity within the community,” the Foundation has used its vast network of like-minded organizations, and financial support from the Las Vegas and national communities, the Foundation to reach over 2,000 youths during the past four years.














Kidz Uplifting Kidz is a not-for-profit organization partnering with the Las Vegas metropolitan  community and Clark County Family Services to provide financial support and facilitate experiences that create lasting memories, normalcy, and positive mental health to children in the Clark County foster care system.

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