Best & Worst

“Worst Owner in Sports of the 21st Century”


Fans are the most boisterous lovers and critics of the owners that dominate their sports passions. We are dependent on players and owners that we have nothing in common with.  


For your debate and enjoyment, or just to remind you of decades of frustration, The FAN is proud to offer its first Best/Worst tourney: “The Worst Owner of the 21st Century!”


The FAN will nominate and seed arguably the “worst” pro sports franchise owners of this century: four each from football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.  Each week, The FAN will post matchups and our writers and guests will post editorials to encourage clean and lively debate.   


Polls open and members will vote their “worst.”  We will tally and publish your votes and the “losers” will advance.  Making their way through the “Not-So-Sweet 16”; “Ingrate 8; “Feeble 4”; and yes, “The Toilet Bowl” our members will select the “The FAN’s Worst Owner of the 21st Century.”  

Again… .  Enjoy (or don’t enjoy)!  That’s your problem…

The "Toilet Bowl"
Stephen Ross, Marlins

Featured Matchup

Bill Foley, Golden Knights


This is the place where you can cast your vote starting every Monday through Friday. Voting will close at 11: 59 pm EST / 8:59 pm PT Friday.

Worst Owner of the 21st Century

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Who is the worst owner?
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