The F.A.N. Stands For...





one and only, exclusive community

founded by sports fans, for the benefit of sports fans


acting on behalf of the special interests of sports fans


with citizenship & a passport to power for our fandom

Why The FAN?

For over a century, sports fans have remained isolated, ignored, and exploited.   Owners don't care that fans are being priced out of a game.  Players don't want to hear, "Nobody listens to the fan."  


Those days are over!  


The FAN is a one-of-a-kind membership community, with political and charitable action arms for the 21st century sports fan.  Whether the issue is stadium security, ticket prices and commissions, rule changes, relocation of teams, taxpayer financing of new arenas, or the legality of fantasy sports or internet poker, sports fans will finally become a represented “special interest group.”


With numbers and a “Membership is Power" mantra, The FAN will offer additional benefits:  rewards and discounts, interesting and important sports content, interactive contests and surveys to direct our lobby.  “The FAN” is a unique opportunity to create relationships amongst our members and our corporate partners and change the landscape of sports.  “The FAN” will be your voice to represent and empower you in the complex $2 trillion dollar global sports industry.

What Members Are Saying

The FAN Pledge

FanFlag_Sunlight  Andy Final.jpg

The FAN Pledge

From the one comes many

A growing crowd

United to be heard

Loyal and represented

Hail to The FAN

The FAN Action Nation




At a Moment in Sports History,
When the Inequities of Sports are Obvious and Oppressive,
And Fans Have no Voice, Influence nor Representation,
And in Order to Create a More Level Playing Field,
So that Sports Fans' Passions Are Adequately Recognized By the Team Owners, Players, Media, and Sports Companies,
Finally Finds its Birthright, On the 3rd Day of April, 2021
With the Signing of This,
The FAN Declaration of Independence
On FAN Independence Day!

The Founder

The Founder and Governors of “The FAN” are a diverse group of passionate, sports-loving, and successful professionals and entrepreneurs devoted to making our unique membership community a vital capitalistic sports democracy for our “member-citizens.”

andy founder photo.jpg

Andrew Kopel

Attorney, Warriors Season Ticket Holder


An attorney and gaming industry reformer for three decades, Andy has represented the underrepresented when other attorneys and lobbyists wouldn’t.  Most of his life an average sports fan, Andy currently spends much time and money as a loyal season ticket holder of the Golden State Warriors.  He knows the joys and frustrations of championships and lean years, team relocation and high ticket and concession prices. 

Andy possesses an unrelenting passion for sports and consumer advocacy.  Yet, he is not alone in his mission to empower the powerless sports fan, and is joined by a growing network of businesspeople, journalists, attorneys, and run-of-the mill sports fans, all sharing a vision to get a fair shake in an industry that ignores its most faithful.